Syllabus for CGS 1570: Integrated Business Office Applications Software
Web Based WB6 CRN: 10591 (Completely Online)
Fall 2015 
Course begins: M Aug 24, 2015

 Professor: Floyd Jay Winters Email: (please use Canvas email)
 Phone:  941 752-5488 Home/Website:
 Office:  Bldg 18 Rm 131 Best Office Hours:  By email during the summer

This is a live, interactive syllabus. Do not print.

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Below (in blue background) are quick links for all assignments with detailed
Grading Criteria, directions, keystrokes, and specific point values for all assignments:

Assignments: MyITLab | Photo | Word | Excel | Access | PowerPoint | Integration | MOS Exam as makeup

Course Description: Three hours lecture per week, plus laboratory as assigned by instructor.
Suggested prerequisite: CGS 1000 or good computer background. This course will build on the study of integrated business software begun in CGS 1000 with intermediate to advanced work in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database management and Presentation software. Integrating these applications to solve complex business problems will be emphasized as the student builds an overall business portfolio with a common theme for each project. Additional special fees are required.

During the course you will be doing Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database and PowerPoint projects to support a particular business, preferably your business or a business that you would like to start. The business can be real or make-believe. But you will work with the same business throughout the course, and in the end create a valuable Online Integrated Portfolio Project.

You can use Office 2010, 2013 or Office 365 for your portfolio assignments.

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Course Performance Standards: Access course performance standards by clicking on the link below:

Email: So that I know what class you are from, and so we have a good record of our communication:
All questions and correspondence for this course must only be through Canvas email: Click on the green  Inbox  link in the upper-right corner.
Proofread, spell-check, professionally write, and include a meaningful Subject line for all email.
Such as - Subject: Word Chapter 4 Skill-Based Training issue.
I try to check Canvas email at least once or twice a day, at least 6 or 7 days a week.

Text/Materials Required: Go! with Microsoft Office 2013, Volume 2, by Gaskin, Duval; Pearson.
The eBook and Lab Training is in Purchase the Pearson MyITLab Access Code either at though MyITLab (less expensive) or at the SCF bookstore OR visit the SCF bookstore online website BEFORE the semester starts for weekend access and also to avoid the lines. NOTE: there will be a DELAY if you purchase the MyITLab Access Code online through the bookstore because you must wait for it to be mailed to you - and you will not get credit for late projects.  Once you purchase the MyITLab Access Code use MyITLab for ALL your Labs, Assignments, and Quizzes. 

(Although you do not need it, and most students do not want it, you can buy the hard copy of your Microsoft Office 2013 eBook at a discount for only $35: See MyITLab for more info on a hard copy.)

    There are multiple options for purchasing your MyITLab access code for CGS 1570:
  • Purchase directly from MyITLab: Cost about $95 Immediate access, no turn around time
  • Purchase from the SCF bookstore: Cost: about $125
  • Purchase from the SCF bookstore ONLINE: Cost: $125, BUT Turn around time 5-7 business days

Register and do the Home MyITLab Setup your computer to install the MyITLab launcher icon on your desktop - click the big blue button below:

      Step-by-step directions to Register for MyITLab CGS1570 Winters (PDF) 

If you have problems, run the installation wizard from the link below:
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For the best experience start MyITLab from the desktop MyITLab launcher icon. Also, it is highly recommended that you use the Browser Tune-Up tool to make sure the latest versions of the necessary plug-ins are on your computer.

Note: When you log in to MyITLab, choose the option for Microsoft Office 2013.

To access the eBook: There really is no need for a textbook in this course. The simulations and directions are excellent and will walk you through every exercise. However, eBooks are available online -- at no extra charge -- after you buy a MyITLab Access Code from the SCF bookstore.  To access the eBooks, logon to MyITLab and click on the Course Materials tab and choose Go! with Microsoft Office 2013.

To access your Graded Assignments:
1. Click on the Assignment Calendar link on the left side of MyITLab.
2. Click on the To Do / Completed option or click on the Clock icon on MyITLab Assignment Calendar.

The Skill-Based Training labs are hands-on with wonderful Learning Aids (Read, Watch, Practice) on the bottom which you can use if you have a question or get an item wrong the first time. Also you can work on a question over and over. Skill-Based training labs are better than a book. If you do them on time, you can take them again, and MyITLab will keep your highest score. Because the Skill-Based Training projects are very good simulations, you do not need Microsoft Office for these particular skill-based training projects.

Simulation Assignments are automatically and immediately computer graded.
To see your grades, click on the Grades link. You have multiple attempts, if you complete them before the due date. MyITLab will keep the highest score. To see options for how to see and correct your MyITLab mistakes - return to the assignment and select View Submission, then click Show Info:

Review MyITLab Assignments

Note: MyITLab is a very good program, but it is occasionally annoying, and every once in a while a simulation question may not respond the way you expect on your machine. Like anything or anyone in life, it is wise to focus on what is good and brush off the little bumps along the road. Sometimes it may be better to blow off and skip a misbehaving or frustrating question and move on and get a lower A instead of a very high A. Keep in mind, people enjoy an excellent person more than a perfect person, and this philosophy may help to make your life happier as well.

You must use Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 or 2013 or Office 365 for your uploaded manually graded portfolio dropbox projects, such as the Newsletter, Resume and Business Presentation. If Microsoft Office software is not available from a PC at home or work, you may use the Computer Lab at SCF. Sorry, but you can NOT use Microsoft Works or another program.

  • LATE work will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. Click to see why.
  • You will be dropped as a No Show if you do not submit the first project before the due date.

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Support information

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If you are in Practice mode you cannot answer your question. Finish or close Practice mode to continue your work.
A student had problems doing one of the items in an Excel simulation; when she changed browsers, she was able to complete the exercise successfully.
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A student wrote, when an OK button did not show - after looking at the Search FAQs on the MyITLab Support link: "I needed to change the DPI setting. I can barely read my screen outside of the simulation program, but at least the simulation now works!"
WARNING: There is a possibility that on some home computers MyITLab may not work correctly for some lab simulations. If a lab does not work on your computer you will have to use a friend's or a relative's computer, or come in and use the SCF lab. So START EARLY!
Remember, Life happens:
If you must go out of town take a laptop or use an Internet Cafe or a hotel computer or the computer of whom you are visiting.

If you have problems with MyITLab: Be specific - give the exact message and exactly what you were doing when it happened. When appropriate, tap the [Print Screen] key to capture your error message or problem screen, then open Paint (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint) and paste the screen copy into Paint (Ctrl + V). Save it as a JPG [File > Save As > Save as type: JPEG (*.jpg)] and attach the JPG screen capture file to me in an email and the MyITLab support Incident # so I can see exactly what is happening. Also, feel free to visit me in my office in 18-131. Finally - if you wait till the last minute, I probably cannot help you solve your problem before it is due. So be sure to do your work early.

Computer Access: You can do all assignments and take all exams in the SCF computer lab. If you plan to do your work at home, you must have access to a Computer connected to Internet and Microsoft Office. You are also expected to have "backup computer" plans: at a friend's computer, a relative's computer or at the library. Establish computer plans in case your usual computer access is disrupted during the semester. The course will continue to move along regardless of whether your computer works or not. Be sure your virus scanner is updated frequently to avoid problems during the semester. If your computer does not work for any period of time during the semester, you are expected to find a way to do the work.

MyITLab can be run on a Mac. There is a link for Mac Users on the MyITLab home page. And if needed, if your Mac has an Intel-based architecture, running under Windows via a program such as Boot Camp or Parallels, see:

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Withdrawal Policy: In accordance with the State College of Florida policy as stated in the college catalog, students may withdraw from any course or all courses without academic penalty of a WF by the withdrawal deadline as listed in the State College of Florida academic calendar. See the online Academic Calendar for important dates.  The student must take responsibility for initiating the withdrawal procedure. Students are bly encouraged to talk with their instructors first before taking any withdrawal action. In addition, students should note that faculty may also withdraw students for violating policies, procedures, or conditions of the class, as outlined in individual class syllabi, and such action could affect financial aid eligibility.

Statement of Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the use of ideas, facts, opinions, illustrative material, data, direct or indirect wording of another scholar and/or writer -professional or student- without giving proper credit. Expulsion, suspension, or any lesser penalty may be imposed for plagiarism. Copying another student's work will result in a zero for both students.

Disability Resource Center Information: Disability Resource Center Information:  State College of Florida, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, will provide classroom and academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities.  Students are responsible for registering with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) in order to receive academic accommodations. Reasonable notice must be given to the DRC office (typically 5 working days) for accommodations to be arranged. It is the responsibility of the student to provide each instructor with a copy of the official Memo of Accommodation. DRC Contact Information: Email:  Phone: 941-752-5295  Website:

Course Evaluation: All Skill Training Labs, Scenarios, and uploaded Projects are worth 100 points each and must be completed by 11:55PM of the due date shown on the syllabus and on the MyITLab Calendar and must be submitted online through MyITLab Once the module ends, you will no longer be able to access the Skill Training Lab or Scenario. Skill Training Labs and Scenarios are immediately graded. However, uploaded Homework Projects, such as the Resume and Newsletter, will be manually graded one or two days after the due date.
Late work will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. Click to see why.
It is very important that you start your work well before the deadline. Life happens; things go wrong. If you wait till the due date you will not have enough time to ask for help or visit friend's home or use the SCF computer lab. There are four projects due every week. With the exception of the MOS certification, (see below) there are no make-up grades.

It is the student's responsibility to keep track of your grades and averages throughout the semester.
To see your grades click on the Grades link on the left side of MyITLab:
The Grades subtab shows your current average.
The Custom View subtab shows all your submissions and comments.
to see comments for manually graded projects: Go back to calendar and click the dropdown next to assignment and click View Submissions.
Note: There are a lot of assignments in this class. You could miss several assignments and still get an A.
Grade Scale: A: 90 - 100, B: 80 - 89, C:70 - 79, D: 60 - 69, F: Below 60

If you have questions, feel free to visit me during my office hours (see top).

The link below is a very handy link of Microsoft Office Shortcuts:

Due Homework: Go! with Microsoft Office 2010 The eBook and Lab Training is in MyITLab
  Only the assignments listed below are required and will be graded.
The assignments exactly match the assignments listed on the MyITLab Assignment Calendar.
M Aug 24
All Skill Training Labs and Assignments must be submitted online through MyITLab.
During the entire course you will be doing Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database and PowerPoint projects to support a particular business. The business can be real or make-believe. But you will work with the same business throughout the entire course, and in the end create a valuable Portfolio Project. So before you start, carefully think about what business you will adopt. Past examples: Beauty shop, Paint ball park, Computer repair, Custom jewelry, a Tattoo parlor, a lawn service...

You will be dropped as a No Show if you do not complete the first online simulations shown below before the due date, which is 1 week after classes start.

DUE dates are not when to DO something, they are deadlines; so start days or weeks early.

M Aug 31
Word 2010
Word 2013
Word 365
01 Chapter 02: Skill-Based Training - Using Tables for Resumes, templates
02 Chapter 03: Skill-Based Training - Newsletters

Click here to see why late work will NOT be accepted.
Note: You can retake simulation projects again if you do not get a good grade first time. Simulation Projects are graded immediately. MyITlab will keep the highest score if the simulation retake was completed before the due date. However, Portfolio projects - the Resume, Newsletter, Payroll, and 6 page PowerPoint are manually graded and may take a few days. Also these few portfolio projects will only be graded one time.

See below for how to use the MOS certification tests to replace missing or low grades.
ALL assignments must be submitted through MyITLab. I have no control over this. If your machine is not properly working or configured to log into MyITLab, then go to the SCF lab or to friend's home to do your work. Use the MyITLab Support link or visit me in my office if you need help. Note: MyITLab uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine whether students are copying.

Note0: Click the MyITLab Assignment Calendar link to start your assignments.
Note1: The training lab may take several minutes to load. Be patient.
Note2: The Skill-Based Training labs are hands-on with wonderful Learning Aids (Read, Watch, Practice) on the bottom which you can use if you have a question or get an item wrong the first time.

When you are done with a project, either go to Grades tab and click on Custom View or right-click on the project you just did and select View Submissions from the dropdown to see what you did and possible alternative ways to do item. Go the to Grades tab and click the Grades subtab to see your average.

M Sep 07 03 Chapter 04: Simulation Training - Styles and Lists
04 Chapter 05: Simulation Training - Advanced Table Features
M Sep 14
Word 2010
Word 2013

05 Use Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 or Office 365 and follow the directions provided in the ResumeOffice2010.pdf and the GradingCriteria-Resume.htm file below to complete your online Resume using a Table, then upload it AND the URL Web address to MyITLab.
(Do NOT use a template.)
Use grading criteria below for a full page, attractive, detailed, college-level portfolio assignment:
For help on setting up free Web space see: 0ClassFolders/Common/DomainsAndHostingAndFTP.pdf
Note: Click on the Instructor Comments link in the MyITLab Today's View to see comments added when the grade was assigned, especially if you received less than a 100.
This is your portfolio project. Do not just do it. Do it well.
I manually grade the portfolio projects, and will only grade them once (Newsletter, Resume, Payroll, Business Proposal, final Website.) Be sure you review and meet ALL the grading criteria before you upload a portfolio assignment. Because the portfolio projects are manually graded it may take a few days before portfolio grades appear.
(All other MyITLab projects are immediately graded and can be retaken until you get a 100 or high A, as long as you complete them before the deadline.)

Directions for uploading completed files: Go to appropriate MyITLab drop box
1. Browse and find your file.
2. Click [Add] button.
3. Click [FINISH: Submit for Grading] button.
4. Click [Finish] again. If you do not see a confirming screen saying "Files uploaded successfully", it was NOT submitted.
To see my comments and your average (I write a comment for every point deducted.)
1. Click Grades tab, Custom View, browse, hover over your assignment till you see a dropdown on the right.
2. Click View Submissions option in dropdown. (You can also open your submission as well.)
(You can also go back to calendar and click the dropdown next to assignment and click View Submissions.)
For help on setting up free Web space see: 0ClassFolders/Common/DomainsAndHostingAndFTP.pdf
Having a good handle on Microsoft Office is critical to being successful in many businesses. So do not just do your work. Be an active learner: Think about - why you are clicking this button or using that option? Ask yourself - why would I want to do perform this task? What did I just learn? Asking questions like this is how you learn and how you can start on the path towards preparing yourself for a good job or more success in your current job.
Sometimes, your computer or MyITLab may be fussy on a question and you may end up with a 97 instead of a 100. Please do not let this distract you. If you have an A and a solid A average, allow yourself to continue successfully with the course and enjoy the process as much as possible.
M Sep 21
Word 2013
06 Chapter 06: Simulation Training - Reusable content, markup Tools
07 Chapter 07: Simulation Training - Web Content and advanced Editing
08 Chapter 08: Simulation Training - Mass Mailings
09 Chapter 09: Simulation Training - Forms
Take them again before the deadline if you do not get a good grade the first time.
Reminder: Late work will not be accepted: That's part of the assignment in this class and in real life.
M Sep 28
Word 2010
Word 2013
Word 365

If you do not want to work over Spring Break, please do projects early.
10 Chapter 10: Simulation Training - Work with Long Documents
11 Chapter 11: Simulation Training - Embedding, Macros
12 Use Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 or Office 365 and the information from the previous lessons and all the criteria and directions provided in the grading criteria below to complete a beautiful and professional Newsletter saved as a PDF document for your Business (this is a portfolio project):
The Grading Criteria above also provides keystroke directions.
For samples see:

This is your portfolio project. Do not just do it. Do it well.
I manually grade the portfolio projects, and will only grade them once (Newsletter, Resume, Payroll, Business Proposal, final Website.)
For help on setting up free Web space see: 0ClassFolders/Common/DomainsAndHostingAndFTP.pdf
M Oct 05
Excel 2013
Click here for short 2 minute YouTube video: An Intro Excel Project
13 Chapter 01: Simulation Training - Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data
14 Chapter 02: Simulation Training - Functions, Creating Tables, Large Workbooks
15 Chapter 03: Simulation Training - Analyzing Data, Pie Charts, What-If Analysis
M Oct 12
Excel 2013
16 Chapter 04: Simulation Training - Financial & Lookup Functions, Define Names, Validate
Chapter 05: Simulation Training - Large Workbooks, Advanced Filtering
18 Chapter 06: Simulation Training - Creating Charts, Diagrams, and Template
M Oct 19
Excel 2013
19 Chapter 07: Simulation Training - PivotTable & PivotChart Reports, Auditing
20 Chapter 10: Simulation Training - External Data, Database Functions, Side-by-Side
Chapter 11: Simulation Training - Collaborating, Preparing for Distribution
M Oct 26 11:55PM
Excel 2013
Excel 2013
Excel 365
Use the directions provided in the Excel_PayFunctions.pdf file below to complete your Business Payroll Portfolio Project to upload to MyITLab
Use the grading criteria below for this attractive, college-level portfolio assignment:
22 0ClassFolders/1570Office/1GradingCriteria/Excel_GradingCriteria-PayFunctions.htm
M Nov 02 
Access 2013
For a 1 page pictorial summary of a database see: 0ClassFolders/2170VB/DataBases/DatabaseTerms_diagram.pdf
23 Chapter 01: Simulation Training - Getting Started with Access Databases
24 Chapter 02: Simulation Training - Sort and Query a Database
25 Chapter 03: Simulation Training - Forms, Filters, and Reports
26 Chapter 03: End of Chapter Quiz - Forms, Filters, and Reports
M Nov 09
Access 2013
27 Chapter 04: Simulation Training - Enhancing Tables
28 Chapter 05: Simulation Training - Enhancing Queries
29 Chapter 06: Simulation Training - Customizing Forms and Reports
30 Chapter 09: Simulation Training - Integrating Access with Other Applications
31 Access Volume 1 Grader Project
M Nov 16
PPT 2013
32 Chapter 01: Simulation Training - Getting Started with PowerPoint
33 Chapter 02: Simulation Training - Formatting a PowerPoint Presentation
34 Chapter 03: Simulation Training - Enhancing a Presentation with Graphics
35 Chapter 05: Simulation Training - Advanced Graphics Techniques, Sound
M Nov 23
PPT 2013
36 Chapter 06: Simulation Training - Delivering a Presentation
37 Chapter 07: Simulation Training - Presentations Using Tables and Pie Charts
38 Chapter 08: Simulation Training - Presentations Using Tables, Publishing
39 Windows 10: Simulation Training
M Nov 30
PPT 2013
Use the directions provided in the PowerPoint_GradingCriteria.htm file below to complete your real or realistic professional Business PowerPoint Portfolio Presentation to upload to MyITLab

Final Project:
in place of
Final Exam

M Dec 07
Web Integration

Class Over

Web Integration - Final Project.
Build an attractive Home Page (index.htm) with an image and an attractive banner that shows off your portfolio projects with at least four working links:
1 Your Online Resume.pdf
2 Your Online Newsletter.pdf
3. A PDF copy of your Payroll
4 Your PowerPoint Business Presentation.pdf

41 0ClassFolders/1570Office/1GradingCriteria/WebIntegration_GradingCriteria.htm
Or See:
Or See: 0ClassFolders/1570Office/1GradingCriteria/WebIntegration_inWord2010.pdf
Also see:
Paste the Web address URL for your Home page or Web site into a Notepad.txt file. Ex: Test it to make sure it works. Then upload the working Web address URL to MyITLab or get a 0.
For Samples from past Students 0ClassFolders/1570Office/SamplesWordWebSite/