Word Web Page Review Sheet

Faculty Presentation by Floyd Winters 12/08/06


Web pages do not recognize columns or tabs, so if you want to space items you must use tables:
Click Table, Insert, Table. This is a 3-column table


Click Table, Merge Cells to combine cells for Titles


You can merge the cells (Table, Merge Cells) at right to make room for a photo (Insert, Picture, From File)




Add a Row

Table, Insert, Rows

Or tap [Tab] at very end

Split a Cell

Table, Split Cells



Insert a Hyperlink

Type or paste link, tap [Enter]


Same Page Link

1. Highlight destination text, Insert, Bookmark and give a logical name (without spaces) to the destination location.
(Ex: Highlight the first words at the top of your page. Then Insert, Bookmark and name this spot Top.)


2. Highlight the text link to the destination, Insert, Hyperlink, click the Bookmark button, select the Bookmark name used in step 1.
(Ex: At the very bottom of the page type Top. Highlight the word Top, choose Insert, Hyperlink, click the Bookmark button and select the name Top.)

Select Entire Table

Hover cursor near upper-right corner of table and click  symbol

Add or Hide Borders

Format, Borders and Shading, select Borders tab, in the Apply to: dropdown select either Table or Cell, select the desired color and/or width, then click on the Preview diagram in the upper-right corner to include or not include borders for each side of the selected table or cell.

Add Color Background

Format, Borders and Shading, select Shading tab, in the Apply to: dropdown select either Table or Cell.

Set Taskbar Title

File, Properties, under Summary tab, set Title 

Save as Web Page

File, Save as Web Page, under Save as Type dropdown:

choose Web Page Filtered (*.htm) (Avoid spaces)

(Filtered Word Web pages are much smaller and therefore faster and more efficient than normal Word Web pages.)

Open .Htm file back up

File, Open or



Right-click file in Explorer, choose Open With, and choose Word