Upload files to Verizon Web Server. Ė Thanks Glenn A!


Have your Verizon DSL account information ready (Verizon Email and password).

Have a good free FTP program installed. This direction uses COFFEE CUP FREE FTP.

 CoffeeCup setup. 

After installing COFFEECUP, the MY SITES window should appear.

If the MY SITES window does not show, click on SERVERS button at upper left (under FILES menu).

Click on ADD button at the lower left, The Server Profile Wizard shows.

In Step 1,Type any profile name you prefer (My Web Site).



In Step 2, type your Username. This is the FIRST PART OF YOUR VERIZON EMAIL ADDRESS (before the @ symbol) and your password. The username will become LAST part of your personal website URL. Make sure SAVE PASSWORD is checked and click NEXT.



In step 3, Type: ftpmysite.verizon.net in the Hostname box. Click NEXT. This is the FIRST part of your web site URL (without the ftp in the hostname) see DETERMINE YOUR URL below.

Click NEXT button.


In step 4 window, donít worry about this, just click NEXT.

For step 5, click FINISH.


You should be setup to upload your files.


Determine Your URL.

Verizon DSL subscribers have their own server, mysite.verizon.net, each user's site will be in a directory that bears the user's name (first part your Email address before the @ symbol: see STEP 2) and each user's home page will be named index.htm Putting it all together, the Internet address of your home page will be: http://mysite.verizon.net/username/index.htm.
Type: www.mysite.verizon.net/username and press ENTER to access your web site. No Need to type index.htm.


Upload your Web files.

With an internet connection established, Start Coffee Cup. Click on SERVERS button under the FILE menu. Check STAY CONNECTED check box. Click on MY WEB SITE in the MY SITES window to highlight it and click CONNECT button below.



After the ftp connection is made, use the LEFT window to locate your web files. Once you find them, select the desired files AND associated folders and drag them over to he RIGHT window pane. The files should be copying over to the Verizon server. After all files were copied, close the ftp program and log onto your web site.