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F 2018
Practice Live Hands-on Final Exam for Web Development  
1 Hour time limit. This exam will be graded live on screen when you are done.
Only open Expression Web OR Dreamweaver and the Internet Explorer.
You will get a zero (0) if another application is opened.
Make an images folder to store all images and media files (ex: .gif, .jpg, .wmv, .mpeg)
All images for this exam are stored online at: WinterF/0ClassFolders/2820Web/images/
Make a 2-page Web site with: index.htm, a Contact.htm, a top Nav bar, and a linked .css Points
Create an index.htm page and a corresponding mysite.css page that uses IDs and corresponding element tags for HTML5 header, nav and main. Link index.htm to the .css 10
Add a custom .css Class for MyTitle: font-family= Arial, font-size= 24px, color= blue 5
At top of index.htm page type "Final Exam for Your Name" set in the defined .css MyTitle style   5
Add Meta tags for 1. Author, 2. Description 5
Add a header element image images/MastHeadCGS2820.jpg defined in the .css that displays in both index.htm & contact.htm 5
In main, add an embedded link to the video clip: WinterF/0ClassFolders/2820Web/Media/vKoiPond.mp4 5
Add a bulleted list with /2820Web/images/bullet.jpg as an image for the bullets:
An Image goes here    List Item 1
An Image goes here    List Item 2
Insert images/house.gif on the bottom of the Home page. Include a Hotspot (Image map) for the red chimney with an Alt tag that links to an Internal hyperlink to the Top on the page 10
Add a linked Contact.htm page that is also linked to mysite.css 10
Center a top horizontal Navigation bar to link both pages: Home | Contact  (separate with |)
both index.htm and contact.htm on the screen.
Add the 2-column, 4-row Table shown below to the Form. Include a blue border, no rules
Add appropriate labels, names and textboxes for Last Name, Honors, and Email. Require Email.
Add a Form that works with FormProcess.php (pretend it is in the folder, set up and uploaded). 5
Include working Checkbox, textboxes, [Reset] and [Submit] buttons. 5 points for each part. 10
Last Name  
* Email  
Make sure there are no autostyles. Use appropriate style and class names. -5
Insurance: Add a Rollover button (Swap Image) that works as a link to using: images\traffic-light-green.jpg and traffic-light-red.jpg stored in images folder 5
 Total 100