Viewing another site's CSS file

By Floyd Jay Winters 03/18/2011

It is absolutely essential that you understand CSS styles and CSS files in this class.
You can learn a lot by viewing the CSS files of another site or even your own site. Three methods are shown below.

1. Open the Web site and choose View Source.
A. Find and copy the name of the css file, ex: abcSite.css
    Remember the CSS file link is in the <head> section.
    A sample is: <link href="abcSite.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
B. Append the name of the css file to the URL in the browser's Address Bar
C. Ex:
D. Tap Enter and the css file should open up.

2. Or in Internet Explorer -
A. Be sure you can view the Menu Bar (if necessary, right-click the IE toolbar and click on Menu Bar)
B. Choose Tools > Developer Tools > click on CSS tab
    (IE will allow you to turn on and off or change individual CSS rules live, by simply clicking checkboxes!)
    By turning on or off or changing CSS rules in live view you can debug your site, or undestand another site.

3. Or in Firefox - download the Developer Toolbar (Tools > Add-ons) and click CSS > View CSS