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It's also relatively easy to set up your Web site using
Dreamweaver CS5
See: DW_Setup.htm

You can also use FireFTP to,
upload your files to your remote server. FireFTP is an Add-on to Firefox. (To install, just do a search for FireFTP.)

To Set up an Expression Web Website

1. Create a folder on your computer for your Web site - preferably in the My Documents/My Web Sites folder.
Name it: yourSiteName: type yourSiteName not "yourSiteName" :-)
2. Open the yourSiteName folder and create an images folder in yourSiteName
3. Open Expression Web and click Site > Open Site >
    [Browse] to your site >
    Click [Open] and click [Open] again
    (The dialog window may only show your images folder.)
4. Click Site > Site Settings > Publishing tab > [Add] >
A. Enter yourSiteName for the Name textbox
B. Enter your FTP address for the Location textbox.
     Example: ftp.yourSiteName.com
     (In Directory textbox you may have to enter public_html)
C. Enter your FTP User name and Password
     (Not your GoDaddy account ID number and password)
D. Click [Add] and [OK]

To Publish/FTP files to your Web site

1. Right-click on the filename tab on the top of the editor window.
2. Choose Publish Current File...
1. Click on the Site View tab.
2. Select and right-click on the file(s) that you want to publish.
3. Choose Publish Selected Files...

To confirm your file was published

1. Type your domain name in the URL address bar of your browser
2. Add a slash and your file name to the end of your domain.
    Example: http://yourSiteName.com/filename.htm

In the end, the root folder of your Web site should look like this:

images Folder     (All images go here)