DreamWeaver v8 in 10 Basic Steps – by FJW v 07/06/06, 02/14/08


1. Launch Dreamweaver and choose File > New > Basic Page > [Create]

2a. See if your toolbars are set : View > Toolbars and display Standard and Document (for instance the Save icon will not appear of the Standard toolbar is not displayed.)

2b. Window > Insert should be checked to show the top "Common" icon menu for links, email, anchors, tables...


3a. Click on either the Table icon on the top “Common” tab, or choose Insert > Table

3b. Then in the Table dialog box, enter in the appropriate textboxes the values for the number of Rows and Columns, the Table width, and the Border width for your table

3c. To Merge some column-cells (perhaps to insert a Header) - highlight the contiguous column cells then choose Modify > Table > Merge Cells

3c. To Merge some row-cells (perhaps to insert a picture) - highlight the contiguous row cells then choose Modify > Table > Merge Cells


4a. To add a Hyperlink – Insert > Hyperlink (Or click the Hyperlink icon on the Common icon menu) then fill in the values for the Hyperlink dialog box.

4b. To insert an internal Anchor for a Hyperlink to go to: Insert > Named Anchor (Or click the Anchor icon on the Common icon menu)

4c. To insert an Email address: Insert > Email link (Or click the Email icon on the Common icon menu)

4d. To add an Image – Insert > Image (Or click the Image icon on the Common icon menu)

4e. To insert a Date (you can set it to auto update if you click the appropriate checkbox) Insert > Date


5a. To Add some text to a cell in the table – click on the Cell in Design view (View > Design) and type. (I spend most of my time in a split view (Code and Design view)

You can also choose Text > Font or Text > Color

5b. To make that text Bold ([Ctrl] + [B]) or right-aligned or to change its Color – click on the appropriate item on the Properties panel on the bottom of the screen. If the panel is collapsed, you can expand it up by clicking on the toggle arrow. If the panel is not there are all (it is closed) Window > Properties – and make sure it is selected.


6. To insert Special Characters like the copyright symbol or a non-braking space:
Insert > HTML > Special Characters


7. To Insert Meta Tags for Author, Description, and Keywords: Insert > HTML > Head tags
(or click the arrow next to the Common Icon menu > choose HTML > click the Head icon)


8a. To Enter Code (View > Code) and type as you would in Notepad.exe -  but what is neat about DreamWeaver is that it will give you intellisense, which will prompt you as you type or if you hit the space bar after you start a tag. For instance, if you type <tr then DreamWeaver’s intellisense will automatically show a dropdown list of attributes that you can use with the tr tag. On some versions of Dreamweaver, if you type <tr> DreamWeaver will automatically add the closing tab (</tr>) which you can move to an appropriate location, or just hit return after the initial <tr>. On other versions, Dreamweaver will automatically finish the proper closing tag if you enter </


9. To check for mistakes File > Check Page > Validate Markup


10. To Preview your page in a Browser – click on the Globe icon on the toolbar or

File > Preview in Browser (Edit > Preferences > Preview in Browser > Check/uncheck Preview using temporary file) or tap [F12].