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Background Info and Basic Directions

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Use this template to

1. Provide a basic description of your working live presentation topic in this section (row)
2. List the step-by-step directions for your topic in the middle row (light blue background) shown below
3. Provide helpful follow-up links in the bottom row
4. Upload the final copy of this template to your Web site, as a guideline for your presentation
5. Upload the final copy to the Canvas Presentation (up to 50 pts) Extra Credit Dropbox - one (1) week before your presentation

Your presentation will last between 10 and 15 minutes.
You will receive between 20 and 50 points extra credit.

Possible Extra Credit Presentation Topics

(You must get prior approval first. Choice of topics based on earliest request. Name will be entered after topic.)
3-4 new cool HTML5 features (that work on all browsers) that were not covered in class.
3-4 new cool CSS3 features (that work on all browsers) that were not covered in class.
Put Google Calendar on your page
Put a Google Blog on a WordPress Blog your page
Put Google Search Engine textbox on your page (this is not a link to Google Search)
Discuss and demonstrate Google Webmaster Tools
Demonstrate using WordPress as a Content Management System on your site
Put Zen Cart, Etsy, Zazzle or similar shopping cart on your site (GoDaddy has carts)
Create a Flickr, Instagram or Picassa image sharing account and connect it to your Web page
Other - check with professor first

Presentation Pointers

Make eye contact with entire class; practice in front of a mirror making eye contact with yourself
Avoid using too many "Ahs" or "You Knows"
Speak with confidence and loud enough that everyone can hear you
Pause occasionally; don't talk so fast that you cover 15 minutes in 7 minutes and we can't follow you.
Smile and try to be funny and make everyone - including yourself - feel relaxed
Believe in yourself and in your classmates
You are a college student: so don't just do it - Do it well!
Remember: the people who best present themselves and speak well in front of groups often get the best jobs and make the most money!

Step by Step Directions

Steps to do special presentation topic are listed below:


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