Access Chapter 4 & 5 Creating Reports and Forms, SQL


Know: Relational Database, Primary Key, Foreign Key, One-to-Many, One-To-One, Referential Integrity, .ldb extension (Access 203) and .laccdb extension (Access 2007)


1.            To use the Report Wizard to create a report for a table, select the table for the report in the Navigation Pane, click the Create tab, and then click the _____ button.
AC 239


2.            _____ shows the report on the screen but also allows you to make changes to the report.
AC 243


3.            _____ are not associated with data from the database and are used to display such things as the report’s title.
AC 247


4.            To add totals or other statistics to a report, use the _____ button on the Format tab.
AC 248


5.            To resize a column, point to the boundary of the column so that the mouse pointer becomes a _____ arrow.
AC 249


6.            You use the _____ button in the Report Wizard dialog box to specify subtotals or other calculations within the wizard.
AC 259


7.            To delete a field from a report, click the field and then press the _____ key(s).
AC 266


8.            To use the Form Wizard to create a form for a table, select the table for the form in the Navigation Pane, click the Create tab, and then click the _____ button.
AC 269


9.            The _____ section appears at the top of the form and usually contains the form title.
AC 272


10.        The body of the form is in the _____ section.
AC 272


11.        The _____ section appears at the bottom of the form and often is empty.
AC 272


12.         _____ shows the form on the screen and allows you to use the form to update data.
AC 272


13.        _____ allows you to make changes to the form layout and object alignment, but it does not allow you to enter data.
AC 272


14.        The _____ command on the Advanced menu allows you to sort records and enter criteria to restrict retrieval.
AC 281


15.        The _____ data type is used for a field that contains text that is variable in length and that can potentially be very lengthy.
AC 301


16.        To insert data into an Attachment field, use the _____ on the Attachment’s field’s shortcut menu.
AC 312


17.        A form that is contained with another form is called a(n) _____.
AC 315


18.        To ensure that a collection of controls is aligned properly with each other, select all of the affected controls, and then use the appropriate alignment button on the _____ tab.
AC 318


19.        To switch from Design view to Form view to display the form, click the _____ button.
AC 329


20.        Enter _____, in the Criteria row of a memo field on a query window would retrieve all records where the memo field had any mention of Healthcare.
AC 341


21.        To begin creating a new SQL query, click the _____ button on the Create tab.
AC 430


22.        To see the SQL code for a query after viewing the results of a query, click the View button arrow and then click _____ on the View button menu.
AC 432


23.        To include all fields in a SQL query, use the _____ symbol after the word SELECT.
AC 432


24.        In SQL, to select only certain fields from a table, use the key word

25.        In SQL, to find records that meet specific criteria, use the key word

26.        In SQL, to create and name a computed field, use the key word
AC 438


27.        In SQL, to create and name a computed field, use the key word
AC 438


28.        To sort the output of a SQL query, use the key word
aAC 439


29.        When opened, the rows of a table correspond to

30.        The columns of a table correspond to

31.        An Access table contains

32.        In which of the following objects does Access store data?

33.        Which of the following is used to search or answer a question about a database?

34.        To move to the last field in the last record in table datasheet view you would press

35.        A report may be based on a

36.        A record can be added to an Access table by using a …

37.        A well-designed table will

38.        Which of the following should be defined as a text field?

39.        Which of the following may be included on an Access Report?

40.        Each of the following is an example of a valid Access data type except

41.        A control that is linked to a data source in the underlying table is called a(n)

42.        When tables are linked by key fields it is called a

43.        In which view would you most likely be if you are using the Text Box tool?

44.        Which section is used to build the main body of a report?

45.        Which of the following is used to add the current date to a report each time it is printed?

46.        Which of the following would be returned if you type F* in a text field of a select query?

47.        Which row in the Design grid determines which records will be selected in a query?

48.        Mail merge must involve…

49.        Access Queries are written in which language?

50.        What would cause #Name? to be displayed on an Access form?



Office-Exam3 Access and PowerPoint Review Sheet

 Access Terms:

Know all the tools on the Access Toolbar. Text Box, Label, Command Button, Option Group, Relationships, Combo boxes, Check boxes, Filter tool…



Autoexec macro

Mail merge


memo field

Bound controls

Now( )

Calculated control

Number field

calculated field

OLE field


Page Footer


Page Header

Ctrl End


Datasheet view


Date/Time Field

Query Calculations

Default value



relational database


Report Footer


Report Header

Field size


Field types



SQL Select From As Order By Where


Startup property




text field

Input mask

Unbound control

Lookup Wizard



Wildcard *



POWERPOINT Terms  also Know the PowerPoint Tool Icons

. bmp


. jpg

Pack and Go


page numbers




Password Protection


print outlines, handouts


Slide Master


slide transitions


Spell check

Fast Saves



Web Page