Hi Class - this is a very thorough Excel Exam Review - note that the last half of the questions contain page references for your convenience.


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A cell at the intersection of the first row and third column in a spreadsheet has the cell reference

Which of the following is a valid Excel formula?

In the formula =A10-C10*(D3+D4), which expression would Excel evaluate first?


Which keystroke combination will display the actual typed formulas in the cells?

Which of the following are valid mathematical operators in Excel?

Which of the following is a valid worksheet range?

Which cell reference would change if the formula =A1*$B$1 is copied to a new location?

Which of the following may be copied using the Copy command?

Which key(s) is used when selecting a noncontiguous range of cells?

A worksheet template contains all of the following except:

Which represent the correct hierarchy of math operands?

Which expression will round cell D7 to 3 places?

Which expression would make the reference to B3 an absolute cell reference?

Which will display the current date?

Excel Macros are written in which language?

Which of the following may be included in a formula?

The function =AVERAGE(C2:C12) is the equivalent of what formula…

If you open an ASCII or Text file in Excel you will be prompted to choose what type of format it is in.  Which format may be selected to allow you to properly read an imported Text file?

What would be the numeric value of format for January 1, 1901?

A red triangle in the upper right corner of a cell indicates a(n)

Which can cause a spreadsheet to display a cell value in Green if it is greater than 0 or Red if it is negative?

Which can display a message dialog box if a person enters a value that is too high?

Which is a correct use of the IF command in Excel?

Before you protect a worksheet so that users cannot change formulas, you should choose

To automatically convert a current Excel document into a Web page, use the following:

Which of the following can be changed using the Format Cells command?

If you wanted the sum of cells C1, C2 and C3 in cell C4, but you entered the following formula in C4: =SUM(C1:C4), you would have a(n)

What should you do if the following symbols appear in a cell?  #####


If you have copied a range of cells, and you want to paste only the values of the cells, not the formulas, choose


What happens if you double click the top gray border exactly between columns C and D?

What is an example of an Excel function to calculate the payment of a loan?

What is the following Icon for? – Know all the Menu icons/

In a formula, to use a cell name that is made up of two words, replace a space with a ____.

Which arguments belong to the PMT function?


Which would you use to always display your header row, even if you scroll down to row 100


Which would you enter in a cell to reference data from another worksheet?


What is the first thing you should do when you are about to create a chart?

To test formulas in a worksheet, consider using ____.
EX 283

If a column has entries adjacent to the range you plan to drag the fill handle down through, then you can double-click the fill handle instead of ____.

A Fill Handle is used to ____.
EX 304

A round-off error is due to the fact that some of the numbers involved in computations have additional ____ that do not appear in the cells. EX 304

To print the worksheet on one page, use the ____ option on the Page tab of the Page Setup dialog box.
EX 307

Instead of setting a print range each time, you can also assign a ____ to a range.
EX 310

When building a worksheet for novice users, you should ____ the cells in the worksheet that you do not want changed, such as cells that contain text or formulas.
EX 313

To prevent sensitive data from being seen in the worksheet, use the ____.
a. Hide Sheet command  b. Password function  EX 316

As a database in Excel, each row of a worksheet can store a record, and each column can store a(n) ____.
EX 338

Even though Excel is not a true ____ management system, it can be used as a ____ tool.   EX 340

To treat the range of cells over which a single cell is centered, what method would you use?
EX 344

The output of inaccurate information that results from the input of invalid data is known as ____.            EX 350

Pressing the ____ key adds the next row below the table to the table.
EX 353

____ causes adjacent rows to have different formatting so that each record in the table is distinguished from surrounding rows.
EX 353

The general form of the VLOOKUP function is ____.                EX 357

A table_array contains table ____.                 EX 357

If columns contain sensitive information, such as salary information, you can ____ the columns.
EX 358

Displaying ____ is a tool for summarizing data in a table.           EX 374

The purpose of the Data Validation dialog box, is to ____.         EX 348

The Data Validation dialog box, displays when you ____.          EX 348

On which Data Validation tab would you specify the message you want the user to see if the user enters incorrect data?                                 EX 349

The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called ____.
EX 418

A workbook that contains patterns for creating other workbooks is called a(n) ____.          EX 418

The function =NOW()+14 does what?           EX 425

The ____ function is most useful in formulas where year, month, and day are formulas, not constants.      EX 425

The form of the ROUND function is ____.
EX 428

To change from Enter mode or Edit mode to Point mode, start by ____.                             EX 428

Saving a template is just like saving a workbook, except that the file type ____ is selected in the Save as type box in the Save As dialog box.                              EX 433

A(n) ____ always appears in the same position in a cell (regardless of the number of significant digits).    EX 436

Entering a number once and having it be entered in the same cell on all worksheets is called ____.
EX 451

Excel inserts a dotted line above a row to indicate ____.            EX 478

How can a page break be moved?                  EX 479

If you create a worksheet for someone who does not have Excel, save the worksheet as a(n) ____ file.     EX 480

A single character, word, or phrase is referred to as a(n) ____.   EX 481

To search only a specified range of a worksheet, select the range before invoking the ____.           EX 481

The total of column B can be entered by ____.                            EX 432

Terms: Cell, valid Excel formulas, Hierarchy of Math (order of precedence) -Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally () ^ */ +-, showing formulas, ranges, absolute addresses, selecting noncontiguous ranges, creating a template, what is a spreadsheet template, what is in a spreadsheet template (No Data), display the current date, macros, VBA, Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count, CountA, CountIF, PMT, Round, If, Importing files: Delimited vs Fixed Width, comment and red triangle, formatting dates as date and as numbers, pasting values and pasting formulas, assigning Cell or Range Names, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, AutoFormat, AutoCorrect, unLocking cells and Protecting the Worksheet, Web Pages, Formatting Cells, relative reference, absolute reference, circular reference, what happens if the column width is too narrow?, How to change the width of a column, know ALL the Excel icons, Freeze Panes, Fill Handle, paste special, template, .xls, .xltx, .csv, .txt, creating charts