Hi Class,

Below is a Review for the 50 question Multiple Choice Word Exam. This review covers most of the topics on the exam. Other topics come directly from your homework assignments.

I truly believe that this is a great course, and I spent many hours making sure that our exams are as fair and as good as possible and that you will have as much success as possible; yet it is still college level. I also tried to make sure that this exam was not too Office Keystroke specific.


Notice the page numbers are provided for the first 30+ questions that I culled from the test bank that came from the Text book. I made up the last 35+ questions shown below and they are more generic and with a few exceptions, mainly work with Word 2000/XP/2003, 2007 and Open Office.


If you do not know the answers or cannot find the answers: use Microsoft Help or look the answers up on the Web


1. To create a text watermark, you use the ____ button on the ____ tab.

WD 245


2. To change alignment for a document but retain a different alignment for the first page, a new ____ must be created in the document.

WD 249


3. To insert a document into an open Word document, use the ____.

WD 251


4. If Word displays {PAGE} instead of the actual page number, press ____ to turn off field codes.

WD 261 (I only added this because someone asked what to do if when this happened)


5. To add a row to the bottom of the table, position the insertion point in the bottom row of the table, display the Layout tab in the Table Tools tab, and click the ____ button on the Layout tab.

WD 264


6. The formula for summing a column in a Word 2007 table is ____.

WD 265


7. The box that identifies the colors assigned to categories in a chart is called the ____.

WD 270


8. To change the kind of chart, right-click the chart and click ____ on the shortcut menu.

WD 272


9. To exit a Chart/Graph and return to Word, you ____.

WD 273


10. An efficient technique of applying the same character formats to several places in a document is to create a character ____.

WD 276


11. To select nonadjacent text, select the first item, hold the ____ key, and then select the subsequent items.

WD 277


12. After you click the Draw Table command, the mouse pointer changes to the shape of a(n) ____.

WD 280


13. Pressing ____ instructs Word to change the line spacing of a cell to be single-spaced

WD 283


14. Use the ____ button on the Layout tab to display text vertically in a cell.

WD 284


15. Use the ____ button on the Layout tab to create a single cell that spans across several rows in a table.

WD 287


16. Business letters should contain ____.

WD 309


17. You can create a new folder during the save process by clicking the ____ in the Save As dialog box.

WD 321


18. When a merge field is inserted into the main document, Word surrounds the field name with ____.

WD 331


19. Word indicates a null expression with ____.

WD 337


20. When the long edge of paper is at the top, Word is printing a document in ____ orientation.

WD 362


21. When the long edge of paper is at the side, Word is printing a document in ____ orientation.

WD 362


22. To change all margin settings, use the Margins button on the ____ tab.

WD 389


23. Applying a gradient color to a WordArt drawing object is done by using the Gradient command available on the ____ gallery.

WD 393


24. The Symbol button is available on the ____ tab.

WD 398


25. To format a graphic as floating, first select it and then use the ____ button on the Format tab.

WD 402 (You can also Rt-Click and choose Format)


25b. In Word 2007, if you click on a picture to select it, a contextual Picture Tools > Format Tab appears that will allow you to do all of the following except:

WD 402


26. The font size of text in columns should be no larger than ____ point.

WD 408


27. To create a drop cap, display the ____ tab on the menu bar and then click the Drop Cap button.

WD 416


28. A point is approximately ____ of an inch.

WD 425


29. To balance columns, a ____ is inserted at the end of the text on the page.

WD 438


30. ____ is a file format created by Adobe Systems that shows all elements of a printed document as an electronic image.

WD 448


31. PDF stands for ____.

WD 448


These are the more Generic Winters Questions: See bottom for Keyboard Shortcuts.

1.  What key(s) do you hit to force a Hard Page break?


2. What key(s) do you hit to insert a Hard Line break?  (as opposed to a carriage return or [Enter] :


3. What key(s) can you tap to Double Space a document?


4. Which key combination will move the insertion point to the End of the document?


5. Which of the following command(s) will write to the Clipboard?


6. Which keystrokes will produce a Hanging Indent?


7. Which of the following key combinations is a shortcut for the Paste command?


8. Which of the following key combinations will select and highlight an entire document?


9. Which of the following key combinations will undo the last action?


10. Which of the following key combinations will Find text in a document?


11. Which would help if your output requires more room on the paper from left to right?


12. Which alignment option has even margins on both sides?


13. Which type of tab stop would be best for numeric data and currency in a budget report?

Setting Tab stops: Click Left Tab icon (it initially looks like: [L]) at the far left of the horizontal ruler until it toggles to the type of tab indicator that you want: Left Tab, Right Tab, Center Tab, Decimal Tab. Then click on the desired place on the ruler

14. How many points are there to the inch?


15. If you are creating a newsletter, which font size is the most reasonable for the Title?


16. If you are creating a newsletter, which font size is best for the text in the columns?


17. If you are creating a newsletter, which type Font is best suited for the Title?

Know these font types:  Arial, Times Roman, Courier


18. Which Font is commonly used for Normal text in a printed document?


19. Which font(s) is(are) “proportional”? Know:  Arial, Times Roman, Courier


20. Which is a Monospaced font?  Know:  Arial, Times Roman, Courier


22. What is the usual file Extension given to an ASCII text (Text) file (no formatting, colors or special characters)?

23. What is the Word Template file extension? (see File > Save As)


24. Which is the extension of a graphic file which is commonly used on a web page?

Know how .BMP files are different than .JPG file (for photos) and .GIF files (for drawings)


25. Links to other locations on the page or other web pages are called:


26. Which of the following languages is used to create web pages?


27. How do you set up items in columns or tab zones in Word so that they line up when saved as a Web Page?


28. How do you typically bring up a shortcut menu when working in Word?


29. Which Office 2007 Tab allows you to Record a Macro?

Hint: Office button > [Word Options] > Popular > check Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon


30. A saved sequence of commands or keyboard strokes that can be stored and then recalled with a single command or keyboard stroke is called a


31. How do you set Word options, such as the default file location when you save?

Hint: Office button >


32. The Office 2007 Review Tab allows you to


33. Which Office 2007 Tab allows you to change Margins, insert columns, change Spacing, and insert Watermarks?


34. How do you save a document with a password? Hint: File > Save As > Tools

35. Know Icons for

Cut, Copy, Format Painter, clear formatting, bullets, decrease indent, sort, Show/hide paragraph marks, align left, justify, line spacing, shading/fill, borders, Left Tab, Right Tab, Decimal Tab, columns, indent


36. Know all of these Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl + [1]  Single Space

Ctrl + [2]  Double Space

Ctrl + [5]  1.5 Space

Ctrl + [A]  Select All (to change font…)

Ctrl + [B]  Bold

Ctrl + [C]  Copy highlighted text to Clipboard

Ctrl + [F]  Find

Ctrl + [I]  Italic

Ctrl + [J]  Full Justify

Ctrl + [N]  Start a New document

Ctrl + [O]  Open an Old document

Ctrl + [P]  Print

Ctrl + [S]  Save

Ctrl + [T]  Hanging Indented (Tab): where a paragraph that has all lines but the first indented

Ctrl + [U]  Underline

Ctrl + [V]  Paste, Ex: one two V two four

Ctrl + [X]  Cut highlighted text to Clipboard

Ctrl + [Z]  Undo Last

Ctrl + [Home]  Go to top of document

Ctrl + [End]  Go to end of document

Ctrl + [Enter]  Page Break

Shift + [Enter]  Hard Line Break


A Manual Line Break ([Shift] + [Enter]   ends the current line and continues the text on the next line. For example, suppose your paragraph style includes extra space before each paragraph. To omit this extra space between short lines of text, such as those in an address block, insert a
manual line break after each line, instead of pressing [Enter] .

When you click the Show/Hide icon, [Enter] will display

When you click the Show/Hide icon, [Shift] + [Enter] will display


A Bookmark (Insert > Bookmark) names a location or selection of text so that you can easily find or hyperlink to it in the future.

Extensions: .doc, .docx, .dot, .htm,  .pdf, .txt, .rtf. .gif, .jpg


Save with a Password:  File > Save As > Tools