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Lesson 12: Instruction for Struggling Reader

The ideas and activities presented in this lesson are designed to familiarize you with strategies that support literacy learning for readers who struggle with reading. These students do not apply or have not learned those reading strategies which allow full engagement in the reading task. These readers who struggle with extracting meaning from text are found in all grades, at all ages and in all content areas. The literature supports that, though these struggling readers are lacking knowledge and practice, they can be taught to be successful when reading.  Florida's Formula for effective reading instruction certainly applies to struggling readers in terms of areas of instruction, assessment, initial instruction, and immediate intensive intervention for students who have severe difficulties in reading. The strategies, practices, procedures, and information represented in this lesson are just a few of those strategies for success. They are appropriate for teachers of both elementary and secondary students and for teachers of both content and literature-based lessons.  It is important for teachers to be familiar with the fundamentals of reading, which impact all levels of instruction and apply to lessons in all areas of content. Both general and specific procedures and processes for teaching the struggling reader are presented here. You can apply these strategies and processes as they appear here or view them as adaptations for strategies and lessons presented in other lessons in this course. 

Finally, remember that technology is important for all students but may be particularly critical to students who learn through visual, audio, kinesthetic or other modalities. Technology can help many students, especially (some) struggling students, learn to read.

Watch This:

watchthis.jpg How do I help the struggling readers in my classroom? Lesson 12 will provide strategies for enhancing the decoding ability, vocabulary, and comprehension of struggling readers. Also included in this lesson are specific applications for assisting struggling readers in the content area classroom. In this video, Dr. Vicky Zygouris-Coe provides an overview of the key ideas presented in Lesson 12.   PC - Windows Media Video (3.15MB)
Mac - QuickTime Video (9.49MB)




After this lesson you should be able to:

Wondering what you must accomplish in this lesson? A task list has been provided that outlines the required readings, actions, and assignments for Lesson 12. The task list is a learning aid to help you monitor the completion of this lesson. Other links, resources, and/or videos are optional. You will find a task list in each lesson. The task list can be accessed using the table of contents or by navigating to the end of this lecture