Links to Poets
in Florida in Poetry: A History of the Imagination
and other newly appreciated Florida Poets

Bishop, Elizabeth
Blanding, Don
Brock, Van
Bottoms, David
Camner, Howard
Caswell, Donald
Corey, Stephen
Crane, Hart
Curbelo, Sylvia
George Graham Currie
Dana, Robert
Deaver, Philip
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Foster, Stephen
Gardner, Joann
Ginsberg, Allen
Haskins, Lola
Hospital, Carolina
Hurston, Zora Neale
Johnson, James Weldon
Justice, Donald
Kennedy, Stetson


This is a mixed bag of links. If I found a personal webpage for a poet, I linked to that. If not, I have linked to pages for books, poems, or other information about the poet that I could find.

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More Florida Poets
Day, Kay

Merrell, Billy
Paulet, Lee and Betsy: 
Florida Songstory

Rae, Mary
Taub, David

If you are a Florida poet, and your name is not listed in the links or if you would like a different link,
please e-mail me at:

Keyworth, Suzanne
Kumin, Maxine
Lanier, Sidney
Le Challeux, Nicholas
LeForge, P.V.
Martinez, Dionisio D.
McLean, Will
Merrill, James
Nightingale, Barbra
Ormsby, Eric
Pau-Llosa, Ricardo
Philp, Geoffrey
Rader, Vivian Laramore
Sapia, Yvonne
Schultz, Philip
Shomer, Enid
Skellings, Edmund
Spring, Justin
Stevens, Wallace
Swenson, May
Whitman, Walt
Wilbur, Richard

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