Spring 2015
HUM 2250


J.A. Jones
SCF: Venice

Intercultural Humanities III
18th Century-Present
Krishna with Radha, 18th c. RajastaniJacques-Louis David, Portrait of Antoine-Laurent and Marie-Anne Lavoisier. 1788Utagawa Toyokuni I, Double Actor Portrait, 1809Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Found, 1854Marc Chagall, Blue Lovers, 1914Yoshiro Nagase, Remark of Shanghai, 1929Rene Magritte, Attempting the Impossible, 1927William H. Johnson, Cafe, 1939-40Frida Kahlo, Diego and Frida, 1944

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HUM 2250 is a blended class that will meet in class on Thursdays at 11 am.  
Other course work will include reading, group work and online assignments: viewing videos, writing, etc. 
As a blended class, it may require more self-discipline and self-direction than traditional classroom courses.
Please carefully read through the syllabus and assignments and review the Angel course site to understand what is expected of you.

Objectives**Texts**Policies**Reading Schedule**Requirements**Grading

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This course meets Area IV requirements for the A.A./A.A.S./A.S. general education requirements.  This course presents an intercultural survey of the humanistic arts and letters from the perspective of various cultures that may include the West, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Far East from Byzantium through the Renaissance. This course meets part of the six-hour international/intercultural requirement and the 6000 word Gordon Rule requirement. 

We shall explore the effects of some major cultural encounters, examining how these encounters changed world views as revealed in works of literature, painting, music, sculpture, dance, and architecture. Students will  fulfill  the
SCF Course Perfomance Standards
for this course. The skills of analytical and critical reading and writing are integral to the course.

ENC 1101 and concurrent registration in or completion of ENC 1102.


Gloria Fiero, The Humanistic Tradition, 6th ed. Vol. II: (Books 4, 5 and 6)
one combined volume or three separate books

Fiero Vol. II
(Books are linked to Amazon.com for your convenience.)

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th ed.,  2009


This course meets the Florida State Board of Education Rule Number 6A-10.30. In accordance with this rule, students will complete six semester hours of English and six semester hours of additional coursework in which the student must demonstrate college-level writing skills. The SCF Division of Arts and Letters & Social and Behavioral Sciences requires a minimum of 6,000 words in each of these Gordon Rule courses.
A grade of C or better is required for credit in Gordon Rule classes.

SCF defines PLAGIARISM as the use of ideas, facts, opinions, illustrative material, data, direct or indirect wording of another scholar and/or writer - professional or student - without giving proper credit. Expulsion, suspension, or any lesser penalty may be imposed for plagiarism.  If a student needs assistance in composing his/her paper, s/he should consult the instructor or seek assistance in the English Lab. Outside help in editing, rewriting, or composing shall be construed as plagiarism. 

GRADES will be based on written work, tests, projects and class participation. Assignments turned in after the beginning of the class on the due date will lose
ONE FULL GRADE (10%) on the assignment.

Students with more than 6 hours unexcused absences may fail the course unless they have withdrawn before the last date of withdrawal from the course without penalty. 
Current SCF withdrawal policy requires that faculty withdraw students who are not present in class after two weeks of unexcused absences.
Students who come to class after roll has been taken will be counted as absent.  
Absence from class and lateness to class will affect grades.

In accordance with the State College of Florida policy, as stated in the college catalog, students may withdraw from any course, or all courses, without academic penalty, by the withdrawal deadline listed in the State College of Florida academic calendar. This semester, the withdrawal date is March 25.  Students should take responsibility to initiate the withdrawal procedure but are strongly encouraged to talk with their instructors before taking any withdrawal action.  In addition, students should note that faculty may also withdraw students for violating policies, procedures or conditions of the class, as outlined in individual class syllabi, and such action could affect financial aid eligibility.

Students are expected to abide by all SCF Student Handbook guidelines. 

As a matter or courtesy, all cell phones must be turned off when entering class. 
If you are an emergency worker who is obligated to leave your cell phone on, please inform the instructor and put your phone on buzz.

As an SCF student, you have been given an official student email account to be used for all college-related email communication. 
I will send email messages only to your official address, and I will not respond to messages from you sent from any other account. You may use ANGEL email.  This policy has been developed for the protection of your privacy.
Be sure to put the topic of your message in the subject line and sign your message with your first and last name and your class (i.e. HUM 2250).

Any student who has not turned in all written assignments will not be allowed to take the final exam
and will fail the course.

Please feel free to chat about papers or anything else at any time.

Webpage: http://faculty.scf.edu/jonesj/JAJones.html
Phone: 941-408-1499
E-Mail: JonesJ@scf.edu
Hours: 9-11 am and by appointment Monday-Friday
Office: Room 64

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All reading assignments should be completed before class of the week assigned.
HT: Fiero's The Humanistic Tradition
Online: online reading assignment
Video reviews are due Wednesday midnight of the week assigned.

Unit One: Faith, Reason and Power in the Early Modern World




Week 1
Jan. 12-18

"Preface and Before We Begin,"
HTII: xiv-xvii or
HT4: ix-xiiv
What is the role of the artist in society?

Week 2
Jan. 19-25

HTII: pp. 34-59 or
pp. 2-23
"Summary of the Renaissance and Reformation";  "
The Catholic Reformation and the Baroque"

Syllabus and Textbook, Crossword #1  due
VR 1: Art of the Western World: Realms of Light  AV N5300 .A78 1989 # 5 

Be sure to scroll down the page to program #5!

Week 3
Jan. 25 - Feb. 1

HTII: pp. 60-132 or
HT4: pp. 25-75
"Absolute Power and the Aristocratic Style"
"The Baroque in the Protestant North;"
Group Discussion on Comparative Absolutism--bring book to class.                                                            

XCVR: one of the videos from the Absolutism Group Discussion list -- links on ANGEL.  MUST be reviewed BEFORE class for extra credit.


Week 4

HTII: pp. 132-174 or
HT4: pp. 76-138
"The Scientific Revolution and The New Learning;" "The Enlightenment;""The Limits of Reason"
PPT: The Enlightenment

Online: Africans in America
VR 2: Race The Power of Illusion: The Story We Tell,  GN269.R33 #2, 56 min.
or  one of the videos  about slavery -- links on ANGEL

Week 5
Feb. 9-15

HTII: pp. 175-205 or
HT4:  pp. 139-168
18th C. Art, Music and Society
Persuasion and Satire Group Discussion:  
bring book to class

Faith, Reason & Power,
Crossword #2
Choose artist for

Modernist Artist Report

VR 3: one of the videos from the Music in Time series from the Classical Music videos -- links on ANGEL
 one of the composer videos from FMG -- links on ANGEL
or  one of the videos on Voltaire, Newton or Swift -- links on ANGEL.

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Unit Two: Romanticism, Realism and the Nineteenth Century World

Week 6
Feb. 16-22

HTII: pp. 209-277 or HT5:  pp. 1-69
"The Romantic View of Nature;" "The Romantic Hero;"  "
The Romantic Style in Art and Music"
VR 4: Art of the Western World: An Age of Reason, An Age of Passion, AV N5300 .A78 1989 # 6  
Annenberg: http://www.learner.org/vod/vod_window.html?pid=233

Be sure to scroll down the page to program #6!
or one of the videos on Romanticism  -- links on ANGEL

Week 7
Feb. 23 - Mar. 1

HTII: pp. 278-318 or HT5: pp. 70-110
"Industry, Empire and the Realist Style"

PPT: East and West
Classic and Romantic, Crossword #3 due

VR 5: one of the videos on Realism -- links on ANGEL


Week 8
Mar. 2-6



Week 9
Mar. 9-15

Spring Break

Week 10
Mar. 16-22

HTII: pp. 319-349 or  HT5: 111-141
"The Move Toward Modernism"
PPT: The Ukiyo-e Effect: Japanese and European Art
video: Kurosawa's Dreams

VR 6: Art of the Western World: Impressionism and Post Impressionism
AV N5300 .A78 1989 # 7
Be sure to scroll down the page to program #7!
or one of the videos on Impressionism -- links on ANGEL

Week 11
Mar. 23-29

Mar 25: last day to withdraw

Online: Invitation to Kabuki
PPT: Japanese Theatre
video: The Art of Kabuki, AV PN2925.5.K3 A78, 36 min

VR 7: one of the videos on Japanese theatre -- links on ANGEL

Week 12
Mar. 30 - Apr. 5

Online: John Luther Long's Madame Butterfly
Online: NYC Opera Project: Madama Butterfly
includes Belasco's play
Confronting the Stage
PPT: Madame Butterfly 
East Meets West, Crossword #4 due

video: Madame Butterfly, Act I

MLA Documentation
PPT: Citing Sources

MLA Quiz on ANGEL due

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Unit Three: Modernism, Globalism and  the Information Age

Week 13

HTII: 353-427 or HT6: pp. 1-75
"The Modernist Assault;"  "
The Freudian Revolution;" "Total War, Totalitarianism and the Arts"
PPT: Modernism

Modernist Artist PPT due on ANGEL

VR 8: one of the European videos
from the Videos for Unit 3 -- links on ANGEL

Week 14

Student presentations of
Modernist Artist Report

Presentations will be evaluated by other students as well as by the instructor.
Modernist Artist essay due



Week 15

HTII: pp. 428-477 or HT6: pp. 76-125
"The Quest for Meaning;"
"Liberation and Equality"  

The Mexican Revolution 1910  
video: The Mexican Muralists: Painting with Fire AV ND 2644 .M4 1990, 30 min. 
PPTS: Mexican History and
Frida Kahlo

VR 9: one of the Latin America videos from the Videos for Unit 3 -- links on ANGEL

Week 16
29 - May 1

HTII: 478-425 or HT6: pp. 126-172
"The Information Age;" "Globalism: The Contemporary World
PPT: Ballet and Modern Dance
video: Ailey Dances: Revelations
AV GV1786.A44 A4 1982 

Crossword #5 due
VR 10: one of the Postmodern/Globalism videos from the Videos for Unit 3 -- links on ANGEL

May 4-7



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5 Crosswords 20 pts. @ 100 pts. .
10 Video reviews 20 pts. @
Complete video reviews of  10 videos over the course of the semester. Weekly video viewing assignments are posted on the syllabus. The weekly video reviews must be posted to the ANGEL Discussion Forum
by the dates specified on ANGEL.  Late reviews will be penalized 10 points.
200 pts. 2000 words
Museum review
Visit the Ringling Museum (free with SCF student ID) in Sarasota or another museum in the area and focus on their collections of
Baroque-- Contemporary art (1700-present).
Follow review guidelines found at above hyperlink--the two pieces of art to be analyzed must be from this time period.
Review may be handed in any time during the semester
until March 26.
150 pts. 1000 words
4-6 pages
available April 6-12
50 pts.  
Modernist Artist Report
PPT presentation
Analytical Essay
due April 16

100 pts.

100 pts.

1000 words
4-6 pages

Final Exam

150 pts.
150 pts.

1000 words
1000 words

Extra Credit up to 50 pts  

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Grade Distribution
You can view your grades on the ANGEL site for this class: http://scf.angellearning.com

A: 900-999 points

B: 800-899 points

C: 700-799 points

D: 650-699 points

F: -650 points

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