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If I would like information on courses I teach at SCF, our Language and Literature Department, or general information about the college, please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions. My office phone number is (941) 363-7275. You may also reach me via email, at glanvip@scf.edu.

If you are a former student of mine and are looking for resources old or new, please do poke around. I maintain this page outside of the LMS for just that reason.



SCF Courses I Teach (excludes Student Wellness Workshops):

Written Communications II, English Literature II, World Literature II, The Short Story, The Novel,

Introduction to Poetry, Women in Literature, Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction


General Resources I Use in Class:

Essay Evaluation Rubric

Canvas Sign In

Peer and Self Review Prompts: a PowerPoint Presentation

Purdue’s Wonderful Online Writing Lab

Commnet’s Fabulous Grammar and Writing Guide

Interviews for the first week of class

MLA (8th ed.) Overview

MLA Container Template for the 8th ed.

Library Database Resources

Open Office

Wetransfer (to send huge files to someone)

Nitro PDF Shrinker

WW Norton's Guide to Writing About Literature

WW Norton's Overview of Literary Terms

Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translations

Punctuation Made Simple

Leo's Thesis Statement Overview

Style Suggestions

Literary Timelines and Criticism Collections

Literary History Eighteenth Century to Twentieth Century

Bedford St Martin's Collection of Literature/Author Links

British Literature Timeline

American Literature Movements and Timelines

Brief Literary Timeline Chart

Bloom's Overview of the Western Literary Canon

Resources on the Western Literary Canon (Great Books)

Resources on the Eastern and World Literary Canons (Great Books)

Contemporary Literature Resources and Timelines (Great Books)

Online Texts

Bartleby’s Awesome Online Collection

Project Gutenberg

E-Texts and E-Books (Mostly Free)

Free Kindle Books

Athena Authors and texts

Web Books' Anthology of Poetry

Representative Poetry On-line (a GREAT resource)

Poetry Foundation

East of The Web’s Classic Short Story Collection (Select “Fiction” then “Classics”)

Movement Specific Resources

Neo-Classicism and the Enlightenment

Neoclassical vs. Romantic Art

Enlightenment Timeline

History Guide Lecture 9:  The Eighteenth Century

Olga’s Neo-Classical Gallery

Neoclassicism Overview

Voice of the Shuttle

The Neoclassical Temple

Neoclassical Landscapes and Gardens

Neoclassical Architecture

Eighteenth Century Gardens

Neoclassical Buildings

Neoclassical Sculpture

The Enlightenment Age

Romanticism and the Gothic Revival

Romanticism On The Net

Romantic Science: Electromagnetism

Alchemical Imagery

American Romanticism Overview

Romanticism Timeline

Explore the French Revolution

History Guide Lecture 16: "The Romantic Era"

Voice of the Shuttle

Olga's Romantic Art Gallery

JMW Turner Landscape Gallery

Romanticism: An Art History Timeline

Romanticism in Art

The Literary Gothic

Gothic Landscapes and Gardens

Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture Galleries

Gothic Architecture in Europe

Nineteenth Century Gardens

Gothic Buildings

Gothic Art and Architecture

Illusions Gallery’s Gothic Art Collection

Realism, Pre-Raphaelitism, Victorianism, Realism, and Naturalism

Olgas Pre-Raphaelite Art Gallery

Illusions Gallery’s Pre-Raphaelite Print Collection

The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Pre-Raphaelite Collection

Pre-Raphaelite Art

The Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts Movement

The Victorian Web

Norton’s Brief Victorian Overview

Realism: An Art History Timeline

Realism in Art

Regionalism and Local Color

Voice of the Shuttle

Olga’s Realism Art Gallery

Realist and Impressionist Art

The Birth of Realism in Art

Realism in American Literature

Naturalism in American Literature

American Naturalism

Artmagick’s Terrific Nineteenth Century Art Collection


The Jazz Age Pics and Video

Yale’s Outstanding Literary Modernism Site

Literary Modernism: A Brief Topic List

Norton’s Brief Modernism Overview

Voice of the Shuttle’s Modernism Hub

European Art in the Twentieth Century

Modern Architecture

Modern Art

Abstract Modern Garden Design

Geometric Art

Olga’s Surrealism Art Gallery

Olga’s Cubism and Impressionism Art Gallery

European Art in the Twentieth Century

The Beats

Beat Generation Gallery

Beat Generation and Beatnicks

Harlem Renaissance

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture 

Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance

African American Perspectives

Library of Congress Research Guide for Black History and Culture


Postmodern Literature

Voice of the Shuttle’s Postmodernism Hub

Postmodern Architecture

Postmodern Art

Museums of Postmodern Art

Postmodern Architecture

Postmodern Garden Design

Postmodern Garden Styles

Late Twentieth Century Pop Art

Trends in Postmodern Art

Art of the 20th Century

Voices from the Gaps (tagged issue features an essay on Heid Erdrich)


Colonial, Post-Colonial and Post-Imperial

Post Colonial and Post Imperial Literature

Post-Colonial Literature: A Collection of Links

Dystopian, Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction

Dystopian Fiction

Another Link on Dystopia

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy and Utopia

A Well Written Article On Horror Literature And Film An Overview Of Modern Fantasy Literature

An Online Dictionary Of Literary Terms, Modes, And Movements

Examples And Definitions Of Fantasy

Fantasy: A Genre Overview

The Victorian Web’s Overview Of Mccaffrey’ Dragon Lore

The Complete Guide To Fantasy Subgenres

Science Fiction And Fantasy Overview

A Jstor Science Fiction And Fantasy Overview ( Can Also Access Via Our Database)

Science Fiction Overview

Science Fiction Vs Fantasy Overview

An Interesting Blog On Science Fiction Vs Fantasy

The Now Novel Discussion On Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy

The Science Fiction Site

The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction

Bookbub: A Great Site for Building Your Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection

Other Great Sites

Luminarium (treats lit of the 15th-17th centuries)

American Transcendentalism

A Directory of Native American Resources

Perspectives in American Literature

An Introduction to Literary Theory

The Victorian Web



If you have comments, questions, or links you would like to share, please email me at glanvip@scf.edu