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Now Available: Sicilian Epic and the Marionette Theater

Sicilian Epic and the Marionette Theater presents an analysis of the various folkloric genres that comprise the repertoire of the marionette theater in Sicily. Here, epic, farce, saints’ lives, bandits’ lives, fairy tales, Christian myth, and city legend offer the vehicles by which puppeteers comment upon, inform, perhaps even negotiate, the relationships among the major classes of Sicilian society: the aristocracy, the people, the clergy and the Mafia. The lynchpin of the repertoire is the Carolingian Cycle and, in particular, a contemporary version of The Song of Roland known in Sicily as The Death of the Paladins, a text which illustrates the means by which the Carolingian heroes--Charlemagne, Roland, Renaud, Ganelon, and Angelica--augment saints, bandits, Biblical figures and Sicilian folk heroes to provide the marionette theater its rhetorical function: the codification and dissemination of the tools of Sicilian identity.

Excerpt: The Genius of Palermo and the Immaculate Virgin


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The Three Matters

There are but three matters of interest to the cultivated man:
That of France, that of Britain, that of Rome the Great!
And of these three matters the one doesn’t at all resemble the other.
The matter of Britain is light and entertaining,
That of Rome sagacious and instructive,
That of France is true and made manifest everyday!--Jean Bodel

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